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"If you're a traveler, or someone who moves a lot, Traveller's Mailbag is the spot for you centralize all of your mailing needs. My family has had a box here for over 20 years, and have seen several owners running the business very successfully. John and Lisa are top notch owners and are the friendliest people to hang out with! I move a lot, and having this service has prevented me from having to change my address with the DMV about 20x in the last 10 years, and they always forward my mail quickly/cheaply when asked!  Highly recommend for all mail services!!"   - Joe S. (From recent Yelp review)

"I have been with Travellers Mailbag for more than six years.  John and Lisa deliver personal service to everyone, especially the Sausalito Houseboat Community.  I use the 3020 Bridgeway address for my business and personally for my own security and for the prestige of the address. Many of us travel for work or visit children abroad.  It is wise not to have packages and mail pile up at home.  John and Lisa can be trusted to forward mail, hold mail, alert us to urgent messages and even deposit checks.  Our packages are safe with them. They know each customer personally and continue to add services that compete with the national companies but at a far more competitive price and friendly service.  Recently I received notice from the IRS of an audit.  John immediately scanned the materials for me, including a power of attorney for my accountant to expedite my representation while I am out of country. Life saver." -Regina M. (From recent Yelp Review)

“I have a virtual office in Sausalito. The Traveller's Mailbag professionally receives my US, FedEx, UPS, and courier mail and regularly forwards it to me. Their personal attention to detail ensures that I receive just the mail I want when I want it. They save me a lot of time. My business would be crippled without The Traveller's Mailbag.” - Steve S.

“I have been a client of Travellers Mailbag for over 10 years…. The service and professionalism at Travellers Mailbag are excellen. It is a pleasure for me to go there and pick up my mail. And if I can't make it, I can zip off an e-mail to them and they will forward my mail. HIGHLY recommended! ” - Anne S.


This is a somewhat comical photo of a baby orangutan with thumbs up and a grin, symbolizing a satisfied customer.
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