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This photo represents a typical customer, working remotely or in the cloud, away from distraction while we take care of their business mail and atten to the public.

Business Mailbox Service

We receive your U.S. mail and packages from all carriers.

  • Regular Rates:  $30 monthly

        or $300 for Annual Service (2 months free)

  • Temporary Rates:  $35 monthly 

       (For service 3 months or less)


Free parking and convenient North Sausalito location. For professionals,

non-profit organizations and business executives - whether working from your current physical location or working from your houseboat - your virtual Travellers Mailbag office provides:

  • Receipt of (and signature for) your company mail and packages so you won’t be bothered

  • Check deposit service at local banks or scan front and back of check so you can print and mobile deposit from anywhere. Nominal fee for trip to bank.

  • Access to our physical address where we securely store your documents, giving you a legal address to use as your registered office

  • An address to register your Trademark or Patent, and our professional street location gives you an address to accomplish this

  • “Gate Keeping” - we greet & screen occasional “drop-in” visitors


Do you have one? We’ll pick up your company mail from your Sausalito PO Box, and store it at Travellers Mailbag until you pick it up or request forwarding. 

Houseboats of Sausalito, a typical place where our business people work, while we collect mail and packages for them.
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